Power & Energy, Part 1

Power & Energy, Part 1

How do we use power to run a machine?

This summer camp theme explores ENERGY! See part 2 for more.

Project: Description: Related concepts and machines:
Energy Transfer Dynamo, Motor, and Waterwheel From APM x Sparkshop, learn how the museum’s waterwheel transferred energy to machines, and use kinetic and chemical energy to light an LED or power a motor. Lineshaft, electrical energy, waterwheel exhibits
Solar Water Heater From Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab , this activity challenges students to use materials like foil, black paper, and tubing to warm up water in the sun. 

Energy Transfer, Measurement, Invention & Design, Pyrometers (pictured)

Fluid Power Exploration From TeacherGeek’s Fluid-Power-Lab, this activity lets students play with pneumatics and hydraulics, and mess around with pressure, marshmallows, and tubes. 

Hydraulics & Pneumatics used in Haas CNC Mill

We collected these free resources online, and combined they make about one day’s worth of activities (three projects, cleanup, lunch, and breaks).

Resource Type:
Subject Matter:

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