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APM & Sparkshop: Energy Transfer

APM & Sparkshop: Energy Transfer

APM is proud to present Sparkshop designed curricula for upper elementary: designed for remote learning, in-person learning, or a hybrid. This curriculum set includes the following lessons and is aligned to CCSS ELA Literacy and NGSS Physical Sciences – here is the Teacher Guide with more information.

History: Manufacturing in Vermont History Slides History PDF
STEM 1: Energy Transfer  (2 hands-on projects) STEM 1 Slides STEM 1 PDF
STEM 2: Water Wheels (1 hands-on project with possible extension) STEM 2 Slides STEM 2 PDF
Writing: Science Fiction Writing Slides Writing PDF
Physical Education: Simple Machines Dance Phys Ed Slides Phys Ed PDF
Art: Wind Chimes  (1 hands-on project) Art Slides Art PDF
Careers: Applications Engineer Careers Slides Careers PDF


In order to participate in this grant-funded program,

  • Please don’t let your kit sit on a shelf!  Use your kit within one month of receiving it.
  • Help us learn how we’re doing! We’ll share the results with our board/funders, and this is what it takes to keep our program totally free to you!

Any school wishing to take part in this pilot should contact the museum at 802-674-5781 or apm@americanprecision.org. Enrollment in this program includes the lesson slides, the teacher’s guide, and all required materials for the projects.  This program piloted in March 2021. 



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