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Make it Move, Part 2

Make it Move, Part 2

How do we make machines move?

This summer camp theme explores MOTION!  See part one for sensors and more.

Project: Description: Related concepts and machines:
Machine Dissection From APM. Discuss Simple Machines, find them as components in the museum, and use them in small handheld devices!

Lineshaft system, Rifling Machine, Watch-Screw Making Machine

Electric Race Car From TeacherGeek: Let’s combine battery power with our simple machines –  and a motor  – to make something GO. 20th century machines
Chemical Reaction Launch From Science World: Diet Coke and Mentos can propel a car! Bentley Engine pistons


We collected these free resources online, and combined they make about one day’s worth of activities (three projects, cleanup, lunch, and breaks).

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