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Make It Move, Part 1

Make It Move, Part 1

How do we make machines move the way we want them to?

This summer camp theme explores MOTION!  See part two for Simple Machines and more.

Project: Description: Related concepts and machines:
Human-Robot Communication From Code.org and DiscoverE.  Communicating with our fellow humans precisely isn’t always easy! We’ll first give directions to an assembler with words, then use only symbols and algorithms. Directions and Coding.  3D Printers, Fanuc Robot & Fanuc Punchtape, Haas DT1
Sphero Bumper Cars From Sphero Education. Drag-and-drop programming will use a small robot’s sensors to detect collisions. Sensors and Coding: Haas Dt1, D-Tect It Sensors, Measurement
Space Suit Design From NASA’s “Getting the Right Fit.”  In this activity, we’ll use interchangeable parts to get the right fit for a spacesuit arm, and allow for maximum range of motion. Designing for Motion, Planes, Measurement.  Jo-Blocks, Interchangeable parts, NASA Artemis Mission and xEMU Suits, axes used on comparator or in CNC.

We collected these free resources online, and combined they make about one day’s worth of activities (three projects, cleanup, lunch, and breaks).

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