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"Thank you for your important work. The more I read, the more my jaw drops by what I learn of the Windsor Armory, and the town of Windsor, too."

January 25, 2022

"I originally became engaged with the American Precision Museum just over 6 years ago. Approximately 3 years ago I was asked to join the board, and since then have assisted in forming a dedicated education committee. I am so excited to chair our education committee, working with some of the greatest workforce development leaders in our industry. We are poised to make amazing things happen not just in New England, but beyond. We have some of the most innovative leaders in our space joining forces on our committee to create dynamic learning opportunities that highlight the history of manufacturing, the ingenuity of our early entrepreneurs and link that to timely STEM topics for students, all while interweaving the amazing prosperous career pathways in manufacturing. We are truly poised to make magic happen moving forward, and cannot wait to join forces with more companies committed to inspiring the workforce of tomorrow."

Toni Neary (Morris Group - Haas Division)

"Working at the American Precision Museum opened the door for me to talk to many professionals from the Manufacturing and Engineering fields. These insightful conversations helped me narrow down my career goals and focus my career path within Manufacturing as I went off to college. My time at APM prepared me to enter the workforce with first-hand knowledge and a network of contacts that will serve me well in the years to come."

-Paul, Intern

"Gracious, informative, and enjoyable.... We were last at the museum over 20 years ago when it was already impressive to manufacturing history fans like us, but you have made it relevant to a far broader, younger, and diversified audience."

Jeff T, June 2021

"I took my class here 'virtually' on a field trip. It was so cool to share the birth of modern manufacturing with my students. It's a fascinating place for anyone interested in making things."

Google Review, Feb 21

"The American Precision Museum is not (just) for Gear-Heads. ...I'm not a machinist, but wish every family could visit this, one of the few demonstrations of the underpinnings of the prosperity manufacturing created."

TripAdvisor, March 2020

"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative; I also appreciated how warmly children were received. Thank you!"

September 2, 2020

"Celebrations of inventions and past accomplishments, elements of generations of smart and determined people should serve as a reminder of the current and next generations of what can be accomplished if you research and work hard."

August 4, 2020

"A very unique museum that was very thought provoking. We enjoyed our time here. Thank you!"

July 3, 2020

"This place is amazing! STEM education is here to stay! Bringing ideas back to our Tech-Engineering and Math Classrooms!"

Paul & Betsy | Holden, MA

"Very educational and informative! I learned quite a bit about the history and processes of machining and manufacturing of products that helped shape America."

Frank | Charlotte, NC

"Engineering, history, economy. Real people stories, fun shopping… all in one place! Amazing! Thank you!"

Richard  |  Ontario, Canada

"My Dad worked at Cone Automatic for 42 years. I now have a better idea about what Precision Valley has meant to the history of machine manufacturing…wonderful display."

Tom | Spofford, NH

🎉 We made our Giving Tuesday goal of $4,000! In fact we exceeded the goal at $4,310! Thank you!
We are humbled and grateful for the generosity of our amazing community of donors. We also want to thank our advocates; the people who shared posts, sent emails, or told someone about us to help us reach as far as possible yesterday. Your donations and advocacy shape the future of the great story that is told at the American Precision Museum, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

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We’re so excited to share what’s to come over the next year with you, and your gift makes it possible. Help us meet our Giving Tuesday goal of $4,000 today and we can explore tomorrow together. Visit link in bio to make a gift now.
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