Simple Aerospace

Simple Aerospace

What forces and materials help airplanes fly?

This summer camp theme explores Simple Aerospace.

Project: Description: Related concepts and machines:
Principles of Flight: Forces and Axes

From NASA: Principles of Flight Learn the four Forces of Flight and the three Axes.

Mathematical Axes used in machining

Styrofoam Glider From NASA: Build and improve on a McEagle Glider. (Note: Print 2 templates per participant – one to cut, one for reference.) Materials, pattern tracing
Structures and Materials

From NASA: Structures and Material: Composites, compare strength and weight of various materials – from wood to metal to composites. 

Granite Bed Lathe, Blanchard Lathe, Materials used in Innovation Station

Spectral Measurement

From NASA: Make a Spectroscope. An object’s light absorption spectrum provides valuable information about its composition, temperature, movement, etc. So how do we measure light absorption, and make a spectroscope?  (Note: Some of this was unclear to our students, so here’s a version of the activity with APM Comments)

Measurement, J&L Optical Comparator, James Hartness

We collected these free resources online, and combined they make about 4 hours of activities.

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