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Reducing Friction

Reducing Friction

Why does friction matter when using machines?

This summer camp theme explores friction and smoothness.

Project: Description: Related concepts and machines:

From Try Engineering from IEEE. Bearings are found in most machines that spin. They reduce friction and extend the life of machines, and make fidget spinners spin.

Maintenance, Motion, Energy, Design.

Mignon typewriter (stylus bearing), Timken bearings


From Teacher Source. Make a slime and discuss whether it’s going to reduce friction, or increase stickiness.


Jones & Lamson ‘Silent Salesman’ Turret Lathe

Surface Finish From Instructables.  Why might surface finish matter?

Designing for Motion, Planes, Measurement.

Grinders, planers, APM widget cubes & keychains.

We collected these free resources online, and combined they make about one day’s worth of activities (three projects, cleanup, lunch, and breaks).

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